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Hi, I am Michele and I have been raising dachshunds and mini dachshunds for many years. I live just outside of Deland, Florida, in Lake county. I love each and every one of my doxies and they are all like family to me.

All of my dachshunds are A.K.C. registered and or C.K.C. registered. We try to ensure that each and every puppy leaves here as healthy as we can be sure of. They will be examined by a licensed veterinarian - we use Dr. David Burba in Altoona, Fl. The puppies will receive the proper vaccinations before they leave my house and they will be socialized with people and other animals.

You will get a one year guarantee against genetic health problems however you the new owner will be responsible to make sure the puppy receives health care and stays current on shots and necessary medical treatment as needed. If you fail to do so, it voids your contract with MosaicDachshundsofFlorida.

If after you purchase your puppy, you can not keep your puppy then you may return him to mosaicdachshundsofflorida and I will help you to find a home for your puppy ( money non-refundable ) There will be no monies returned for allergies or

 personality conflicts.

It is my goal and hope that you will have years of enjoyment from your new puppy.  

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