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                                                                      Dachshunds : sometimes nicknamed wiener dogs.

Dachshunds are delightful. The breed comes from Germany. They were bred to hunt badgers and tunneling animals. Dachs=badger and hund=dog. They dare to be bold and tenacious.Though bred for hunting, they are ideal family companions .Dachshunds are a good choice for apartment dwellers because of their size and ease of care. They come in three sizes : 1- standard = 16 to 32 pounds.

                                                         2 - tweenies =11 to 16 pounds.

                                                         3 - minis =under 11 pounds.

They also come in three different coats. 1- smoothcoat (short)

                                                                 2- wirecoat 

                                                                 3- longcoat

 With the variety of size, coat types, and personalities, there is a dachshund to suit almost anyone!

The dachshunds below are my adults, and some of my best friends.

You can see some of the varieties I mentioned above...

Below are some of my dogs and a little about them. 

This is Bentley.

He comes from Kirby.

He is a chocolate and tan pied bald.

He is about 8.5 pounds.

Meet Brody. He is a chocolate and tan. His coat is medium to long. He is our new stud. He is young but we hope he can prove himself. 

Here is Amber.

She came from Reed's Miniature Dachshunds

She is an EE red smooth coat.

She weighs in at 13 pounds.

 This is Zany Zinnia. She is a real sweet dog.. She is sister to Sukee. She loves everybody.

Meet Penelope. She is a red tweenie. She weighs in at 14 pounds. She loves everybody. She likes to be in charge. Great with the children and strangers.

This is Wilbur. He is such a happy fellow. Very sweet. He is a cream dapple pied.

This is Naudia. She is a very pretty girl. She came from Reed's miniature dachshunds. Thank you.

This is Madyline. She ​is a miniature dachshund. She is 9 pounds. She is an Isabells and tan. She has a medium coat even though you cannot tell in the picture.

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