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The Florida Law requires that all puppies must be 8 weeks of age before going to their new home and must receive a health certificate from a lisenced veterinary. Therefore all puppies will stay in my home until 8 weeks of age , then they will go to new homes with a current health certificate.

    Terms of sale

          If you place a deposit on a puppy, deposits are nonrefundable unless something happens to puppy in my care. At that time The money may be transferred to another puppy or refunded. The puppy stays at my home until it is 8 weeks old. You have that time to pay the balance in full. When the puppy turns 8 weeks old and has a health certificate, you must pick up the puppy within 1 to 2 days. Otherwise there is a charge of $10.00 a day to stay after that time - unless other arrangements were made.

          After the purchase, you must take your puppy to your veterinary within seven days. If at this time something serious (life threatening) is found it needs to be written up by your vet and you need to get in touch with us. We will handle this immediately. Although we try to send our pups home in the best health possible, sometimes unforeseen problems happen.

           If everything is good with your puppy It becomes your responsibility to see your puppy receives the necessary shots and medical care to help ensure it grows into a healthy adult dog. If you do not follow up with the proper care this voids your health guarantee.

           Your puppy will need care and training to stay safe and grow up with the proper manners. You should let your puppy around people all the time to help with socializing him. The more they are around people the better it is for them. It helps them keep outgoing. I would recommend some obedience training. A class or you may do it. Which ever you decide to follow through with it. Your puppy will become a member of your family, it is better for everybody to have a well behaved puppy.

        Potty training is a big deal for all. I do recommend crate training when you can not be there to supervise. You must be consistent with your potty training. If you follow through always, potty training should be much easier on you on your puppy.

        With the training and patience your puppy will give you a lifetime of laughter, companionship and love.

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