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Our price is typically $800 - $1,200 depending on color/sex/coat.


  We have  puppies at this time. The parents, Annabelle is black and tan, Mr Schmidt is a blue dapple. We have three puppies born January 11,2019. Pictures coming very soon !

We are also expecting two more litters this month. The second litter is from Sukee and Elliot. Sukee is a black dapple with a medium coat. Elliot is a cream dachshund with a medium coat.


This is Annabelle. Petite black and tan. Just as sweet as her mom Jasper.

I don't have a picture of Mr. Scmidt of Lils dachshunds puppies.

This is Sukee. She is a black dapple. 

Puppies due around end of January.

 Here is Elliot. He is an EE cream. Very handsome rascal.

PayPal deposit of $207 can be sent to

If you don't see anything at please check out;    Lils dachshund puppies.