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Our price is typically $800 - $1,200 depending on color/sex/coat.


  Our next litter is here now. Pictures are here. Some real cute puppies.

We have puppies. They will be ready to go home May 27,2019.

The next litter will be from Penelope and Kirby.

This is Zinnia. She is the mother of the Puppies below.

This is Elliot. He is the father of the puppies below.

This is the male. They look alike. She has more red in her coat. He is lighter.

He has a thick coat.


Kirby and Penelope's puppies are here. They were born on Tuesday April 23, 2019. 

This male has a very dark coat. His points are not as prominent.

He may have a medium coat.


This smooth coat black and tan is a female.

She is small.


Female chocolate and tan. Coat is a smooth.



Coat will be medium to long.

Chocolate and tan female. 

This black and tan is a male. Short haired.

He is the smallest. 



SOLD to Irene

PayPal deposit of $207 can be sent to

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